About Us

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! We’re Rachel Vaughan and Lily Nguyen. We are both twenty-something (because we are now at the age where it’s tough to say exactly how twenty-something) year old professionals living and working in Toronto. We are both employed in the helping profession and love our jobs. Rach loves cooking, storytelling in all its shapes and sizes, and spending time with the people who matter most to her and Lily loves eating, reading, hanging out with her loved ones and watching sitcoms. While we realize those are very similar likes we would like to note that we came up with them separately and only realized after the fact that they were the same. We have been friends for ages and decided to embark on this journey together to provide two distinct (albeit as our likes show similar) voices on a topic we hold so dear: valuing oneself and promoting wellness. We fight, we bicker, we laugh, and we support each other through thick and thin. We’re like an old married couple and we hope that our humour and passion ring through in what we post.










Here are 20 quick facts about us to help you get to know us better:

20 Random Facts about Lily and Rach

Gets excited aboutPuppiesFood
Petrified ofBirdsHeights
CollectsFour-leaf clovers (I’m randomly really good at finding them)Shot glasses and jars of sand from places I've been to
Favourite SeasonFallSpring
Favourite AccessoryJ Crew Statement NecklacesScarfs
Favourite FoodPizzaNoodle soup
Pet PeevePoor grammarWalking behind slow walkers
Favourite TV ShowHow I Met Your MotherFriends
Starbucks OrderTall Green Tea Latte with dash of cinnamonStrawberry and Cream Frappuccino  
Power OutfitA-line 50s style dressForm fitting dress
Favourite PastimeSleepReading
Favourite HolidayChristmasLunar New Year’s
Something I would change about myselfMy eyesight. I have been a four-eyes since I was a kid.My paycheque
Favourite Childhood ActivityGoing to the library.Swimming
On a bad day I...Read a magazine, text Lily, and maybe just maybe eat some Cheetos. Take a nap, debrief with Rachel and eat more
Favourite way to be fitTie between running and kickboxingYoga
If I were an ice cream flavour I would be...Neopolitan because I have an indecisive personality and cannot commit to one flavour representing my personality. You have no idea how hard it was for me to answer all these questions!Mango because it's bright yellow (I am Asian) and it can be sweet and tart
Self-care go-toReading at the end of the dayDrinking lemon water, listening to music and watching Friends
Thankful forLife, love, and laughterFriends and family
Why I WriteMental health is something we don’t talk about often enough and I want to be someone who makes the conversation easier. I have always loved writing and I feel we have a message that’s meant to be shared.To maintain my sanity and to  allow myself to collect my thoughts