Find Your Fitness Niche


We are one month into the New Year! We’re sure many of you made New Years Resolutions about fitness and improving your physical health. We also know many of you stopped working towards those goals the third week of January.  What if we told you we had a sure-fire way to help you reach your fitness goals?

The Jean Analogy

Think about your favourite pair of jeans. You know the ones. The ones that fit like a glove. They accentuate all your features and make any outfit look a thousand times better. Now think about how you found those jeans. Either they are your tried and true pair that you buy again and again. Or they are a one-off pair that you randomly found and new were love at first sight. Either way, this magic pair of jeans are not one-size-fits all. They are perfect for you, but they may not be perfect for anyone else. You also probably had to try on a tonne of different pairs to find the right one. Fitness is sort of like that. It, too, is not one-size-fits all. And what may have worked for you last year may not work anymore.

It May Not Always Be Love at First Sight

Back to the jeans. Ever buy a pair of jeans that you had to try on a few times to make sure they were right for you? Sometimes fitness is like that too. I used to hate running, but now it is an integral part of my fitness routine. That is, whenever the weather is nice enough to run outside. You may have hated team sports in high school gym class, but they may be just right for you now. That Pilates class you tried last week? Give it a few more classes. It may end up becoming your new fitness go-to.

Not All Loves Last Forever

On the flip side, something that has worked for you year after year may not work for you anymore. Several years ago I started kickboxing and I absolutely loved it. For about a year, it was my favourite way to work out. But then I tore a muscle in my lower trapezius. I did physio and tried to get back into kickboxing, but my fear of getting injured again really stood in my way. A few months later, my doctor diagnosed me with minor scoliosis and encouraged me to try lower impact workouts instead. Did it suck to lose something that I had fallen in love with? Absolutely. Did I find other ways to work out and did I realize the importance of strengthening my back? You can say that again! Now, free weights and resistance training are my more jam.

The Price Tag

One reason people may be hesitant to try different types of work outs is because it can be expensive. Especially boutique fitness gyms such as cardio barre. But even if these classes cost $20 a class that price may be worth it if you actually go to these classes. A $300 gym membership is $300 wasted if you never go. Plus, remember that investing in your physical health is one of the most important financial investments you can make. 

Find Something that Challenges You

The most important part of finding your fitness niche is finding something that challenges you. A workout that makes you feel accomplished and has you constantly trying to do better and be better is one that will keep you motivated. So keep looking until you find your fitness niche. It’s there, but sometimes it’s not what you expected.

What’s your fitness niche? Do you have any other tips that you can share to help stay motivated?

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