Why A Low-Key Weekend is Good for Your Mental Health

It's necessary to have a quiet weekend from time to time for our mental health.

Weekends are great for spending time with family, going out with friends, running errands, date night, completing household chores, shopping and the list goes on and on. Is it just me or is it exhausting to do so much? When I’ve had a busy weekend, I find that I’m wiped by Sunday night and I’m not refreshed to start a new week. So I’ll make it a point to have the next weekend be a low-key weekend instead.

A low-key weekend is subjective based on each person because it’s about doing what you need to relax. Relaxing could mean you’re not making any plans or you’re only making a few plans to not overwhelm yourself.

Give yourself a break

There’s no requirement for a low-key weekend besides taking it easy. It’s easy to experience FOMO when your weekend has little or no plans and you see your friends posting about their lively weekends on social media. But take it as an opportunity to have a tech detox. So put down your phone for an afternoon or stay off social media for the weekend. It’s refreshing and sometimes necessary to have a weekend to yourself. It allows you to self-reflect and focus on the most important relationship, the relationship with yourself.

Invest in your own health

You can use the weekend to pay attention to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health needs. It’s a great time to engage in self-care. Maybe you need to catch up on sleep or haven’t had time to work out or need to spend an afternoon meal prepping. You can focus on one or all areas of your health. It’s important to have sound choices in relation to your health to ensure you don’t burn out.

Saves money

A night out for dinner or drinks or the movies can take quite a hit on your bank account. But if you’re staying in or doing less expensive activities like going to the Farmers’ Market. Sometimes I’m much happier when I know I haven’t spent $50+ on dinner and drinks on a Saturday night. A movie night at home after cooking dinner can be just as fun but much less costly.

So consider having a low-key weekend from time to time to see the impact it has on your body and your mental health.

When was the last time you had a low-key weekend and what did you do?