Monday Mood Booster: Massages

Monday Mood Booster: Massages, self-care, massage table

Welcome to the ninth Monday Mood Booster post! Mondays are difficult for many reasons and sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. This series will run the first Monday of each month and highlight something that we love that helps us beat the Monday blues.

This month, it’s massages.

There are several different types such as Swedish, deep and sports massage. You have to find out which type of technique works best on your body.

Physical benefits of massages:

Regular massages have many benefits including: reducing chronic pain, improving circulation, reducing muscular tension, relieves aching and sore muscles. There are more benefits mentioned in this article. I was in a car accident almost 8 years ago and I started going to get it regularly to address my chronic pain. As I result, I found that it improves my posture, my range of motion and reduces tension headaches. I prioritize massages as my to-go form of self-care when I know it’ll be a busy month or when I’ve had a stressful month.

Mental benefits of massages:

They promote mental relaxation and reduces stress hormone levels. It’s a requirement during a massage to relax and disconnect. They are a great way to engage in mindfulness. I love using that time to have a tech detox to be present especially since you can’t use your phone, while lying face-down on a massage table. I’ve been relaxed to the point that I have almost fallen asleep on multiple occasions since I like keeping my eyes closed during it.

If you haven’t had a massage, I encourage you to try it and see what a difference it makes on your body.

Have you ever had a massage? If so, what was your experience?

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