Monday Mood Booster: Farmers’ Markets

Farmers' markets

Welcome to the fifth Monday Mood Booster post! Mondays are difficult for many reasons and sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. This series will run the first Monday of each month and highlight something that we love that helps us beat the Monday blues. This month, we’re talking about the Farmers’ Markets.

I love going to farmers’ markets. It’s one of the few activities that I’m willing to get up early for lol. It’s certainly a different grocery shopping experience in comparison to shopping at a supermarket. Farmers’ markets usually open from May or June until October, weather permitting. There may be an indoor farmers’ market you can attend in the winter too. Most are open only on Saturdays but some are also open during the week with fewer vendors present. It’s great to be able to purchase fresh foods in the summer and fall. I enjoy cooking more and I’m motivated to try new dishes when I have fresh¬†vibrant produce to use. There are 3 main reasons I love going to farmers’ markets:

1. Fresh local produce

I’ve been to several farmers’ markets and I love that each one is unique to its community. I enjoy supporting local farmers and interacting with them. I find that the variety of foods differ depending on where the farmers’ markets are. There are popular veggies and fruits which are available at every farmers’ markets such as tomatoes, bell peppers and berries as well as honey and maple syrup. But I’ve also been able to discover new fruits to me such as cape gooseberries (which are absolutely delicious, by the way). As well, it’s usually cheaper to purchase produce at a farmers’ market, partly due to how the produce is priced (by the basket vs lbs).

2. Exercise

Since farmers’ markets are outdoors, I can enjoy the fresh morning air while getting exercise. I love going with other people because it’s a great summer and fall activity.¬† It is invigorating to be outside in the morning, enjoying the sunshine. It’s a relaxed atmosphere and people are present which enjoying time with their loved ones. I’ve noticed that most people aren’t on their phones as they shop and it’s a great opportunity to take a break from your phone to practice mindfulness.

3. Local goods

Bigger farmers’ markets could have many local vendors selling goods such as clothes, mitts, lotions, bath salts, crystals, shoes, pop-up cards and wood products like bowls and cutting boards. It’s incredible to see the handmade products people create with their hard work. I’ve been using more natural products in the last few years since my skin is really sensitive. I find that purchasing natural products especially lotions and creams from a farmers’ market has made a big difference. Natural goods have great gifts!

I encourage you to look for farmers’ markets in your community and enjoy what the residents in your local community have to offer.

Have you been to a farmers’ market before? If yes, what do you enjoy about it?