How We Learned to Appreciate the Plot Twists in Life


Life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true. Are there great moments? Of course. But are there downright awful ones? Absolutely. It would be unrealistic to say otherwise. Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair. But even in those moments, we can (and should) learn to appreciate each and every plot twist life grants us.

Why Plot Twist?

A plot twist is about perspective. By looking at the “bad” moments in life as plot twists, we remind ourselves that it is all part of the story. And post importantly, it is a reminder that the story continues. So next time something not great happens, think of it as a plot twist.

The Bigger Picture

Negative moments have  a way of changing the way we see the world. But even in the darkest times, there is still good. Sometimes we can’t see it right away, but it is there. Promise.

The Optimist Myth

Everyone thinks that optimists see the world through rose-coloured glasses. And that they are somehow immune to all the bad that exists in the world. This simply isn’t true. Optimists are well aware of the bad and experience it just as much as anyone else. The difference lies in resiliency. Optimists really do see these moments as plot twists and know that good is just around the corner.

Talk to Someone

Sometimes it isn’t easy to just yell plot twist and move on. Sometimes you need to share your story with someone else. Be it a friend, a family member, a significant other, or a therapist. If life has dealt you a bad hand, and you are having trouble seeing past it, talk to someone. Optimism isn’t something people are born with. It is a learned behaviour. And sometimes the first step in learning something new is asking for help.

My Plot Twists

I love telling stories, especially stories that make my friends laugh. I always joke and lament that my life is basically a sitcom. Which isn’t wrong. Ridiculous things happen to me all the time. Sometimes these things are hilarious. Sometimes they are painful. But all the time, I try to think of them as plot twists. I often joke with friends that if I can laugh then I don’t have to cry. There is a well-known saying that comedy is tragedy plus time. While this may not be true for significant moments of loss and grief, there are still moments of laughter and joy if we just look close enough.

Have you had a plot twist in life? How has thinking about it as a plot twist helped you cope with the not so great parts of life?