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Find Your Fitness Niche

We are one month into the New Year! We’re sure many of you made New Years Resolutions about fitness and improving your physical health. We also know many of you stopped working towards those goals the third week of January. ¬†What if we told you we had a sure-fire way to help you reach your fitness goals?

The Jean Analogy

Think about your favourite pair of jeans. You know the ones. The ones that fit … Read the rest

Guest Post: Self-Care and Self-Discipline

Guest Post: How to Balance Self-Care and Self-Discipline

Guest Post by Caroline from Bloom and Spark

Caroline is a online mind and body wellness coach and yoga instructor. She began sharing her own wellness journey on her website after wanting to heal from an anxiety disorder. Caroline became passionate about helping others who were in her position and works with women looking to improve their health and happiness. She is Spirit Junkie Level 2 Trained by Gabrielle Bernstein and currently lives in Read the rest