Goal settings: New Year resolutions vs. Monthly goals

Goal Setting: New Year Resolutions vs. Monthly Goals

It’s the start of a new year. So it’s the time where we decide what goals to set. Today, we’re discussing two types of goal setting: New Year resolutions and monthly goals.

New Year Resolutions

The intention of New Year resolutions is to make improvements in the upcoming year. Popular ones include losing weight, spend less,  learning a new skill, investing in your health by eating healthier, etc. They reflect our hope in changing each … Read the rest

Soup Secret to Success

The Soup Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

Most people want to be successful. And many people have made a lot of money telling people how to achieve it. Today we are going to tell you our secret to success, which really isn’t that hard. And we are going to use a metaphor to do so.

Making Soup

Have you ever made soup? It’s such an easy thing to make, but to make it right and to make it … Read the rest