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What You Need to Know about Online Dating

If you haven’t tried online dating, then you probably know someone who has. In fact, approximately 1 in 3 relationships now begin online. While online dating is a great way to meet new people, it can also be time-consuming, exhausting, stressful, and negatively impact your self-esteem. Here are my tips to help you survive the world of online dating.

Be Selective with Your Dating Apps

Dating apps and their endless sea of matches make us … Read the rest

Toxic relationships lack respect, trust and communication. It can be difficult to recognize the signs. But It’s valuable to know what they are.

Unhealthy Relationships: 8 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Relationships take work. They aren’t as easy as how they are portrayed in TV shows and movies. But even when it’s hard, it has to include respect. Toxic relationships lack respect, trust, effective communication and possibly, love. In addition, they can emotionally draining. It can be difficult to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship. Sometimes, it’s harder to realize it when you’re in it. But it’s valuable to know the signs in order to … Read the rest

4 Reasons Why I Had a Long Engagement

4 Reasons Why I Had a Long Engagement

I’ve been engaged for 8 years! (I know, reallyy long engagement). We got engaged in 2009 while we were in university. We agreed to wait because we wanted to focus on our education first. Also, we didn’t feel the need to rush into marriage right away. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of people ask me, why aren’t we married yet and what are we waiting for. Although initially, we did want to wait … Read the rest

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Living Together

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Living Together

It is a huge decision to live with a significant other. It can be a wonderful experience as the next step in your relationship. Or it could highlight the differences in your personalities and lifestyles. You can learn so much from living with your significant other. People have different opinions on cohabiting prior to marriage. But I am a firm believer in the value of living together first. I can understand why people choose to … Read the rest

Don't Regret

I Hope You Don’t Regret Me Because I Don’t Regret You


Today’s post is a little different. It’s a letter to an ex that I never got to send. When a relationship ends, we are often so focused on the hurt and pain that we can’t be thankful for the good that came from the experience.  My ex may have hurt me, but I am still thankful for everything that I learned from the relationship. I in no way regret the experience.  I hope you … Read the rest

How to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

How to Improve Your Relationship with Yourself

The most important and longest relationship we have in our lives is the one we have with ourselves. The relationship you have with yourself can change throughout your life.

I have struggled with self-doubt and self-criticism throughout my life. I remember being a teenager and constantly experiencing the feeling of inadequacy. In my final year of high school, I felt very lost and uncertain about my future.In the last few months before graduation, I became … Read the rest