plot twists

How We Learned to Appreciate the Plot Twists in Life

Life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true. Are there great moments? Of course. But are there downright awful ones? Absolutely. It would be unrealistic to say otherwise. Sometimes life can be cruel and unfair. But even in those moments, we can (and should) learn to appreciate each and every plot twist life grants us.

Why Plot Twist?

A plot twist is about perspective. By looking at the “bad” moments in … Read the rest

most viewed 2017

Our Most Viewed Posts of 2017

In our first year of blogging, we have learned so much not only about blogging but about ourselves. We cannot believe how many people have viewed our posts. And we are so thankful to have been welcomed into the blogging community with open arms. When we started blogging, we always said that as long as our work had a positive impact on one person, we would consider ourselves successful.  Well, we’ve had a lot of … Read the rest

10 of Our Favourite Posts in 2017

10 of Our Favourite Posts in 2017

Hi everyone! Since there’s only a few days left of 2017, today’s post is a round-up of our favourite posts from this year. We’ve been blogging for less than a year as we’ve only started in April. But we have complied our top 10 list for you. We hope you have enjoyed reading our content. As well, if you’re new to our blog, this list may highlight posts you have not have read. We’d love … Read the rest

Why A Low-Key Weekend is Good for Your Mental Health

Why A Low-Key Weekend is Good for Your Mental Health

Weekends are great for spending time with family, going out with friends, running errands, date night, completing household chores, shopping and the list goes on and on. Is it just me or is it exhausting to do so much? When I’ve had a busy weekend, I find that I’m wiped by Sunday night and I’m not refreshed to start a new week. So I’ll make it a point to have the next weekend be a … Read the rest

7 Tips for When You Are Experiencing Burnout

7 Tips for When You are Experiencing Burnout

We are all busy. And we all do more than we probably should. Technology has made it hard to completely disconnect. More than ever, people are at risk of burning out because we all feel like we should do more and be more. Having high expectations for oneself is not a bad thing. But working hard without rest can put you at risk of burnout.

What is burnout?

Burnout is a physiological, emotional, and mental … Read the rest

Invest in your own health

Why Investing in Your Own Health is the Best Investment You Can Make

Make an Investment

You spend money on good shoes. You spend money on a quality jacket. And you spend money on that perfect shade of foundation. Why? Because they are investments. You are investing in things that are of higher quality in hopes that they will last you longer than those of lesser quality. The idea is that these items provide more value to your life. You may not be able to get as high … Read the rest

why gratitude is necessary

Why Gratitude is Necessary

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is more than just giving thanks. Gratitude is a reciprocal act of kindness. If someone does something nice for you, then you do something nice for them.  An act of gratitude can be big or small. It can be a gift of appreciation, a thank you card, or a heartfelt statement of praise.

Why show Gratitude?

Gratitude is a powerful tool. It not only makes other people feel better about themselves. … Read the rest

Guest Post: Self-Care and Self-Discipline

Guest Post: How to Balance Self-Care and Self-Discipline

Guest Post by Caroline from Bloom and Spark

Caroline is a online mind and body wellness coach and yoga instructor. She began sharing her own wellness journey on her website after wanting to heal from an anxiety disorder. Caroline became passionate about helping others who were in her position and works with women looking to improve their health and happiness. She is Spirit Junkie Level 2 Trained by Gabrielle Bernstein and currently lives in Read the rest

Farmers' markets

Monday Mood Booster: Farmers’ Markets

Welcome to the fifth Monday Mood Booster post! Mondays are difficult for many reasons and sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. This series will run the first Monday of each month and highlight something that we love that helps us beat the Monday blues. This month, we’re talking about the Farmers’ Markets.

I love going to farmers’ markets. It’s one of the few activities that I’m willing to get up early for lol. It’s certainly … Read the rest

7 Tips for Dealing with Cold Sores

7 Tips for Dealing with Cold Sores

I have a confession to make. We all have aspects of ourselves that we dislike and today I am going to share with you the part of me that I detest.  It is something I have lived with all my life and yet every time I get one my self-esteem drops to zero and I try to isolate myself from the world. So here’s my confession: I get cold sores.

And I don’t just mean … Read the rest