70 Questions to Determine Your Wedding Venue

bouqet, clipboard, 70 questions to determine your wedding venue

Welcome to another wedding-related post. I’ve picked my wedding venue! ( Yay!) So I wanted to share the list of questions I had used when I was vetting wedding venues. When you and your fiancé are meeting with possible wedding venues, you’ll want to get as much information as you can in the initial meeting as well as from their website to assist you in determining if it’s the right venue for your wedding. If you’re still looking for a venue, check out my list of wedding venues. I hope you find these questions helpful.

      1. What are the wedding packages? Are they available online? (Some venues do not post their packages online and require you to attend in-person to pick up a package)
      2. Are there separate packages for the ceremony and reception? (You may not want the same venue for both parts of your day)
      3. Can I have a tour of all the rooms I may use for the ceremony and/or reception? (This will help you visualize your wedding)
      4. If I’m using the same room for both the ceremony and reception, how long does it take to set up for each?
      5. Is there a price difference for weddings on Friday and Sundays? What about Sundays on a long weekend? (Venues may charge Saturday prices for a Sunday on a long weekend)
      6. Are there minimum guest numbers included in the packages? If I can’t meet the requirement, what is the fee for that? (Some venues packages include a minimum requirement and will charge you an additional fee if you’re unable to meet the requirement)
      7. Is my potential wedding date available? What other dates are available within the same month?
      8.  What are the upgrades or add-ons to the ceremony and reception packages?
      9. I found another venue for my ceremony, can I cancel the ceremony portion of my package?
      10. If I opt-out on a component of the package, can I use that cost as a credit towards an add-on?
      11. Is a wedding co-ordinator/planner included?
      12. How much time in advance of my wedding date will I have access to the wedding co-ordinator?
      13. What is the best method of communication? (This question should be asked to all vendors especially your wedding planner)
      14. What is your response time for voicemails and emails?
      15. Is it possible to have a wedding rehearsal at the venue? If so, is there a fee?
      16. When could the rehearsal be and who could attend? (You may only need the wedding planner and the officiant in addition to yourself and your partner)
      17. What time will be the ceremony start? Is there any flexibility on the time?
      18. Do you have any signage to display? If not, can I provide my own? (You may want a sign directing guests from the parking lot to the ceremony, reception, smoke-free area etc)
      19. What is the contingency plan for the weather? (This is very important especially if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and/or reception)
      20. What will be the layout of the ceremony and/or reception? Could I make changes to the layout?
      21. Can I access the venue prior to the ceremony to take wedding photos?
      22. Which areas of the venue are available for my wedding photos?
      23. Are there any restrictions for photography and videography?
      24. Are there any decor restrictions? (Such as hanging up any decorations onto the walls or from the ceiling or outside decorations)
      25. I have additional decor items I love but I’m uncertain as to how to incorporate them into my wedding, could the wedding planner assist me?
      26. How long is the cocktail hour?
      27. Will appetizers be served at cocktail hour? If so, what are the choices?
      28. I don’t like the entrée options, could the chef accommodate other entrée options?
      29. Can dietary restrictions be accommodated? (For example, gluten-free or vegetarian)
      30. Do you have a list of preferred caterers? (Depending on the venue, they may not have an in-house caterer but may have partnerships have local caterers)
      31. Can I hire an outside caterer?
      32. How many people can be seated at the head table?
      33. Can a sweetheart table be accommodated as opposed to a head table?
      34. How will a sweetheart table affect the layout of the reception?
      35. How many servers will there be and how many tables will each server be assigned?
      36. Will there be a designated staff member assigned to the head table or sweetheart table?
      37. Is there a bridal suite? If so, what time can I access the bridal suite?
      38. When will the menu tasting take place?
      39. Is there a limit to the number of people who can attend the menu tasting? Is there an additional charge for each additional person?
      40. Are children and youth charged a different rate?
      41. Is there a children’s menu and/or youth menu?
      42. What age is considered children and youth?
      43. Is there a fee for high chairs?
      44. Is the wedding cake included in the package? If so, what are the cake options?
      45. Is there a cake cutting fee?
      46. Is a late-night menu included? If so, what is the menu?
      47. Is a sweets/desserts table included? If so, what does it include?
      48. When will the sweets table be open?
      49. Can I have a candy table in addition to the desserts table or instead of it?
      50. If so, will you provide all the jars/plates? Will your staff set up the candy table?
      51. Are centrepieces included in the package? If so, what are the choices?
      52. I will be making my own centrepieces, can we bring them to the venue the night before?
      53. Is a DJ included in the package?
      54. If I use an independent DJ, is there a charge for my DJ to plug in their equipment?
      55. What equipment does your venue have for audio and picture? (For example, a projector and a projection screen)
      56. When is the seating chart due?
      57. When are the place cards due?
      58. Is a cash/card box included?
      59. Can I hire a photo booth to be set up at the reception? If so, where can it be set up?
      60. Is your venue wheelchair-accessible?
      61. Are there parking fees?
      62. Do you have a list of recommended photographers? (They may be able to provide a list of local photographers or photographers they recommend based on experience with past weddings)
      63. Do you have a list of nearby hotels?
      64. Can I have an estimated quote for the package including all fees? (such as Socan fee and service fee)
      65. We would like time to consider your venue, when should we let you know our answer by?
      66. If we pick your venue, how long will it take to prepare the contract?
      67. How much is the deposit? What is the payment schedule?
      68. What methods of payment does your venue accept?
      69. Are there any other fees I could be charged for?
      70. Do you have liability insurance?

Do you think I missed any questions? What do you wish you had known earlier about your wedding venue?