Why Investing in Your Own Health is the Best Investment You Can Make


Make an Investment

You spend money on good shoes. You spend money on a quality jacket. And you spend money on that perfect shade of foundation. Why? Because they are investments. You are investing in things that are of higher quality in hopes that they will last you longer than those of lesser quality. The idea is that these items provide more value to your life. You may not be able to get as high a quantity of items, but you get better quality things. The key is a focus on value and not cost. But when was the last time you invested not in fashion but in your own health? Also, have you ever considered time and not just money as investment?

Physical Health as Investment

Whatever way you use to stay fit, ensure that you invest in it. The investment is both in terms of products and in terms of time. I love to run. But I also love to buy things on sale. For the longest time, I bought the cheapest pair of running shoes I could find. I knew that they would only last me a season so why would I spend more than 50 bucks on a pair of runners? But then I got a good pair of shoes and realized how much better quality shoes were. My knee would sometimes bug me if I went on a long run but with quality shoes the pain disappeared. Yes , I was now spending three times as much on a pair of shoes, but it had such a significant impact on my workout that the investment was well worth it.

Mental Health as Investment

In terms of mental health, a hobby that lets you practice mindfulness or even just decompress is something that is well worth the investment. Lily loves colouring and, as such, invests in adult colouring books that she loves.  For me, I love reading. While I try to get most of my books from the library (if I don’t I can easily spend hundreds of dollars a year on books), I still invest quite a bit of time into this hobby. I try to spend at least a half hour a night reading right before bed. It’s a routine that helps me unwind and have some quality me-time.

Social Health as Investment

While I have separated the various aspects of health in this post, there is definitely overlap. One way I invest in my social health is by attending workout classes with my friends. In this way, I not only get to catch up with the people I care about most but I also get in a solid sweat sesh. Another way that I invest in my social health is by showing gratitude. It  helps me strengthen my relationships and identify all the good that I have in my life.

Emotional Health as Investment

In terms of emotional health, I always remember that the most important relationship in my life is with myself.  In the same way that I invest in those around me, I also invest in myself. When I get stressed, my neck and shoulders tense up to the point where I actually experience upper back pain. Knowing so, I always try to schedule a massage right after I know I am going to have a really stressful month. Pre-scheduling this appointment gives me something to look forward to after my hell month has ended. By bookending my hell month with a massage, it lets me leave my month, and the stress associated with it, behind. While massages can be on the expensive side, they really help me deal with my stress and my physical discomfort. I only go a few times a year and in doing so can save up for a massage with a therapist that I really like and who I know does good work.

Spiritual Health as Investment

Spiritual health is an aspect of health we often take for granted. It could be investing time and money in religious holidays. However, even if you aren’t religious, you can still invest in your spiritual health. Spiritual health is anything that grants you serenity. It could be kayaking on an open lake. It could be backpacking across Asia. Or it could be buying an essential oil kit that helps you meditate and stay calm.

Make Sound Investments

As you can see, there are many aspects of health that you can invest in. The trick is to make sound investments. None of us have limitless budgets. Nor do we have limitless amounts of time. But what we do have is the ability to choose what we put our money towards. Avoid gimmicks and make sound choices. You have one body and one life. So spend it wisely.

How do you invest in your own health? Is there one aspect of health that you invest in more than others? Why?